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Midwest Seed for

Want a great harvest without going hot?

Genetics are the Single Most Important Factor

KanehGenix has crossed the most robust feral hemp cultivars growing in the wild with high-yield cannabis to produce a range of new industrial hemp strains specifically designed to thrive in the Midwest.  Our plants are genetically Midwest-native and naturally resistant to local aphids, mites, mildew and molds.

“[People thought] there was something about how the farmer grew the plant, something about the soil, the weather got too hot, his field was droughted, something went wrong with the growing conditions .. but our evidence is that fields go hot because of genetics, not because of environmental conditions.” 

Larry Smart, Professor of the School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University

Midwest seeds for Midwest soils


Nearly a third of the hemp planted in Minnesota failed last year, primarily due to mismatched genetics.  Most farmers planted seeds from Oregon, Colorado or even China – regions with climates very different than our own.  Midwest soils and light spectrums are unique and our seasons are typically shorter, colder and wetter than many other regions.

If you’re looking to farm hemp in Zone 6 (MN, WI, ND, SD or IA), we’ve got the right seed for you.

Growing hemp in the Midwest?
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Our Seed catalog for 2020

2020 Seed catalog

High CBD, Low THC

Just the good stuff. Everything you want and none of what you don't.

98% Feminized

We cultivate all seeds indoors under strictly controlled conditions to ensure genetic stability and consistency.

Made for the Midwest

Specifically designed for Zone 6 hemp farmers in MN, WI, IA, ND and SD.

Proprietary F5 Seeds

The seeds we sell are our own creation, stabilized over many years and backcrossed with native cultivars.

High Yield

With an average germination rate over 97%, each seed we sell is a producer.

Machine Harvestable

Fiber and CBD strains can both be harvested with specialized equipment. Ask for more information.

High yield, high CBD, low THC - no problem

Quality genetics matter. Crop stress reduces yield and encourages problems. Be sure to match your genetics properly.

True F5 - stabilized over many years

The seeds we sell are our own IP, uniquely backcrossed with proprietary native Midwest cultivars.

Growing hemp in the Midwest?
Reach out and say hi!