Vikings1 – F5 Fem


Nate Moon x MNCBD1. Our most Sativa-leaning strain (90/10) is unique, having a shorter growing cycle than most. Vikings1 grows tightly with small intermodal spacing. Cultivate her indoors or out to enjoy the highly fruity terpene profile that she provides.

  • CBD content: 9-14%
  • Germination rate: 97%
  • Resists pests and most typical mold and mildew issues

Available May, 2021!


CBD content: 9-14%

  • Germination rate: 97%
  • Feminized seed ratio: 96%
  • Terpenes: High fruity profile
  • Tight grow, with small internodal spacing
  • Nate Moon x MNCBD1
  • High sativa (90/10)
  • Short growing cycle
  • Robust anywhere – indoor, greenhouse, outdoor