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about kaneh

hemp has been sacred 
since moses

In deference to the fact that humans have been using this plant for literally thousands of years, KanehGenix is named after the ancient spelling of cannabis (Kaneh Bosm), a key ingredient in the sacred anointing oil formulation that Moses received from the Burning Bush.

Hemp can be used to produce food, shelter, clothing, fuel and medicine.  Hemp was one of the most cultivated crops in the United States for over a hundred years.  We seek to make it the top crop again.  No other plant has as much potential to make the future a better, healthier and more eco-friendly place.  

About KanehGenix

We have been cataloguing feral cultivars across the Zone 6 region (MN, WI, ND, SD, IA) for over a decade, crossing these with high-yield cannabis to produce genetics uniquely designed to thrive in Midwest soils and climates.  Our proprietary strains have been cultivated for at least 5 generations to ensure genetic stability and minimize the risk of going hermaphroditic or hot.  

KanehGenix is focused on developing new strains that maximize the expression of specific desired phenotypes (ie. cannabinoid content, stalk strength, pliability, etc).  Once hemp begins replacing cotton, wood, plastic and other petrochemical ingredients, farmers across the Midwest will need to plant millions of acres to support these emerging markets.  We are developing the seed today that they will need tomorrow.  Our sister company also develops Minnesota-grown edibles (

KanehGenix – Midwest seeds for Midwest soils.

Our Team

With over 50 years of combined entrepreneurial experience and nearly 20 years of hemp farming experience, we know how to help you turn your passion into a thriving business.  

Reach out and tell us what you’d like to do.

Brian Brinkworth

Brian is a serial entrepreneur with a background in high-tech and medtech.  He leads our implementation efforts. 

Scott O'Malley

Scott has over 20 years experience running his own companies and is in charge of all operations and revenue production.

Stefan Egan

Stefan is our resident cannabis guru.  He is an expert hemp farmer, breeder, processor and formulator.


Derek is the backbone of our grow operations, managing the field and ensuring each plant is grown with love.